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Radiates soothing, comfortable and high quality white light without harmful UV or IR heat – fully recyclable without containing mercury, lead or other hazardous substances.

Consumes approximately 80% less energy and lasts 17 times longer than a traditional 40W incandescent bulb.

Dimmable* LED operation and advanced driver electronics powered by Texas Instruments® microchip technology.

Unique, anodized aluminum housing with machine-sculpted, high surface area cooling elements for optimal heat dissipation.

The Technology Behind Perfection.
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The Spectra Chromatix™ Series of LED light bulbs have passed rigorous testing and have been certified by Energy Star to be efficient and environmentally safe.

Solid-state light engine based on the world’s most advanced high power Cree® X-Lamp™ LEDs.

Patented OmniBeam™ lens system allows true 360° light to be emitted from an LED retrofit bulb – integrates into standard fixtures without compromising reflector or lampshade function.

Meets ANSI standard definition for A19 Medium Base E26 omnidirectional lamp – no quirky shapes or sizes that may cause fitment incompatibility.

Spectra Chromatix™ products enhance color rendering so all of the rich, vibrant colors from your surroundings are brought to life with a color rendering index over 93.

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