1 (855) 312 1228
 1 (855) 312 1228


Spectra Optronics designs, develops, and manufactures ultra high performance SSL (solid state lighting) solutions for residential, commercial and architectural lighting applications ranging from integral LED replacement lamps to LED-based luminaire systems. Spectra is dedicated to creating innovative, dynamic and state-of-the-art lighting products which not only meet today’s environmental and energy efficiency needs, but also set the benchmark for tomorrow’s sustainability standards.


Spectra’s mission includes far more than simply integrating LED technology into lighting. While the typical LED lighting manufacturer struggles at producing usable light from an LED, few are aware of or dare venture into the “black art” of optical design. Innovative optical design represents the most challenging and least explored frontier in general illumination.


Spectra Optronics pushes the design envelope with its patent-pending OmniBeam™ optical technology. Through proprietary reflective techniques, OmniBeam™ allows inherently directional light from LEDs to radiate in all directions, without exposing unsightly diodes or using breakable glass lenses.


Spectra Optronics was founded in 2008 with its headquarters in California , USA and operations in the Asia Pacific.



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